Internships and Jobs in Society


What's did value all about

The DID. VALUE project seeks to define and implement a holistic model that facilitates, through disruptive methodologies, innovative integration methods and learning mechanisms adapted to the needs of young people with disabilities.


Enhance inclusive practices and initiatives


Strengthen excellence in the application of this model


Develop, prototype and test an integrated inclusion support model


The project's structure

Step 1.

Create processes for observation and monitoring of the entire social, professional and technical ecosystem and develop a deep understanding of its actors

Step 2.

Understand the required competences in the several domains of action (social inclusion, labour market inclusion, digital literacy and other ICT competencies)

Step 3.

Establish and validate high-performing practices, methods and resources, throughout the participants practice on the traineeships and jobs

Step 4.

Communicate and create strong and effective linkages across system actors that further maximize the social and labour market inclusion

Step 5.

Developing support processes and recommend guidance and assistive technologies and tools to help all the actors to keep sustainable employability

Step 6.

Ensuring the model is built with sustainable principles and so can be replicable and available to other institutions supporting the social inclusion of persons with IDD in the labour market


Project main developments

The DID. VALUE project focus on two main activities: traineeships and jobs for young people with disadvantages and disabilities



Inclusive traineeship experience on social, pedagogical and digital literacy skills for labour market


Inclusive traineeship experience on team building, community building and communication skills for the labour market


Inclusive traineeship experience on creativity, emotional intelligence, conflict management and cultural awareness



Inclusive job experience – professional profile development


Inclusive job experience – professional empowerment and communication mechanisms


Inclusive job experience – flipped creative mechanisms for professional effectiveness


Project main outcomes

The DID. VALUE project will have several results during its life-cycle. Here are already some of the achieved outcomes

Project official presentation

Project Roll Up

Handbook on training modules


Ways of reaching out

The DID. VALUE project focus on having a transparent communication policy. Please, be welcome to contact us at any point about the project

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